Who We Are

The mission of Queer Control Records (QCR) is to provide charitable assistance to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning (LGBTIQQ) musicians. Emerging from DIY, Alternative, Grunge Rock, Riot Grrrl and Queercore music scenes, QCR was founded 2007 to benefit the music and musicians of the greater queer community. With volunteers and supporters from all over the world, QCR headquarters currently resides in San Diego, CA.

What We Do

Support and Resources for Musicians:
In addition to the typical challenges faced by new musicians trying to gain exposure, experience, and the support of a record label, emerging LGBTIQQ artists often face discrimination from mainstream record labels and the music industry at large. QCR helps artists gain exposure and success that might otherwise be difficult to come by. Alumni Artists include Once A Pawn, Nancy FullForce, Pariah Piranha, Shenandoah Davis, Box Squad, Fruit Punch, 8 Inch Betsy, Oi-Gays, Princess and the Criminals, The Glory Holes and Tough Tough Skin.

Concerts and Special Events:
QCR organizes and sponsors events involving the public performance of LGBTIQQ musicians in order to help promote and increase awareness of queer music. Events that QCR has supported in the past include LadyFest Toronto (Toronto, Canada), Fabulosa Fest (Russian River, CA), National Queer Arts Festival (San Francisco, CA), the 4th Annual Queer People of Color Conference (Davis, CA), and Homo A Go Go (San Francisco, CA). In 2008, QCR also organized two West Coast tours: Pass the Torch (Summer 2008) and LezFest 2008 + Ginger Bear (October 2008).



“QCR is invaluable in its ability to represent my values to the greater music communities and has offered us experiences it would be near impossible for us to access otherwise. I'd be proud to sign with them for any kind of music I was making.”  

-Radford Bishop, former drummer/vocalist of Alumni Resident Artist Tough Tough Skin


“This label simply puts out good music, by a not-so-coincidental roster of all-queer bands inspired and influenced by Riot Grrrl politics and indie/DIY process … Because of its modest roster, the label can focus on and raise up its artists … Rad all around.”  

-Ashley Brittner, bitch magazine

"Queer Control Records embodies everything that a politically aware and artistically ambitious record label should. Like the punk rock ideals of legendary labels like DC's Dischord Records before it, Queer Control knows its audience and gives it what it needs without forgetting that there are new minds to activate out there as well."

          - Josh Bloom, Owner, Fanatic Promotion, Inc.

“There’s something queer happening on the queer scene. And if [QCR’s bands are] a surprise to you, the names unfamiliar and enticing, good God, kids. Hop on the anti-bandwagon and treat yourself to some of these delectable sounds. It appears good, ole’ fashioned Indie-driven music of the past isn’t long gone, and may in fact be the very future. Whether the Butchies and Tribe 8 just weren’t enough for you, or you’re harboring concerns that riot grrrl and queercore today just isn’t what it used to be or that it’s deserted the underground scene altogether, there’s good news for us yet.”  

-Liouxsie Dee, Danger!Hole zine


“San Francisco is 7 x 7 miles of interlocking music communities, and local label Queer Control Records specifically looks after the LGBTIQQ segment of the noise-making population – acts both here and abroad … Great stuff …”  

-Jennifer Maerz, SFweekly.com


“Punk may not be dead, but it is queer … [QCR] was started in an effort to give more exposure to smaller bands. It also functions as a non profit built around community development, with many of their shows taking place at youth centers in places where there isn’t much support for the LGBT youth.” 

-Cristian Vargas, University of California, Riverside Highlander

Staff Bios

Marlene Melendez
CEO/President - A&R Director


Marlene oversees the day-to-day operations of QCR, she manages artist relations, and keeps an eye on the big picture at all times. A musician herself, Marlene helped to dream QCR into existence, as one of the label’s original founders. She is the one and only full-time Queer Controller – that’s right, she is crazy enough to do this 24/7. Why, you say? Because there is someone else out there who is just as crazy and loves QCR just as much that they are willing to sport a QCR shirt in the Bible Belt… God Bless the Queers! Can’t live without QCR in your life? Marlene’s to blame, and she’s damn proud of it.

Benjamin Charlick


The resident "Van Wilder," Benjamin (fondly known as "Skip") is a serial degree collector that keeps his nose in the books and fingers on the pulse of academia. He spends his extra time collaborating with Marlene to make sure that the business and behind-the-scenes operations of QCR are running smoothly. Skip also helps to manage and cultivate a high performing staff and roster of interns and positive artist relationships. He is always on the hunt for new talent to bring into the QCR fold. Skip, being one of the original founders of QCR with Marlene, is in continuous communication with her to continue building on program development, managing staff/inters/bands, marketing, research, and helping QCR to grow and flourish.