Visual Artists

"This personal photography project seeks to explore and celebrate the beauty and diversity of masculine of centre and gender-non-conformist individuals. 

This is a Handsome Revolution! Self love and acceptance are incredibly important. We are one magnificent ever evolving community, we are important, we are intelligent, we are valuable, we are beautiful, we are powerful and live meaningful lives and for all these reasons I'd love to continue to saturate the media with images of people like me whom others can identify with."

"The mission of the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) is to establish a "living history" archive of past and present queer zines and to encourage current and emerging zine publishers to continue to create. In curating such a unique aspect of culture, we value a collectivist approach that respects the diversity of experiences that fall under the heading "queer."

The primary function of QZAP is to provide a free on-line searchable database of the collection with links allowing users to download electronic copies of zines. By providing access to the historical canon of queer zines we hope to make them more accessible to diverse communities and reach wider audiences."
QUEER|ART launched in 2009 to support a generation of LGBTQ artists that lost mentors to the AIDS Crisis of the 1980s. By fostering the confident expression of LGBTQ artists’ perspectives, stories, and identities, QUEER|ART gives voice to a population that has been historically suppressed, disenfranchised, and often overlooked by traditional institutional and economic support systems.     

QUEER|ART’s interconnected programs fill a critical gap by providing an organizational apparatus that both builds the LGBTQ arts community and develops LGBTQ artists’ work and careers. By cultivating a wide array of voices, QUEER|ART amplifies the historical understanding of queer, culture and experience. As the artists QUEER|ART supports share their work with audiences around the world, the art and ideas that they explore and hone through QUEER|ART enter a wider cultural conversation and carry larger cultural impact.  
Endless Blockades: Visual Photo Project. Featuring a variety of Patches from all over the world. Send your shots & where you're located to

Lex Voight Photography: Lex is a concert and unit still photographer, and an aspiring nomad. Though currently based in Venice, CA, he is willing to go wherever the wind takes him. Specializing in an invisible and perceptive documentary style of photography, he seeks to imbue his photos with the true, candid emotions of the moment--whether that be a stage dive at a punk show or a candid exchange on a film set.