Staff Bios

Marlene Melendez
CEO/President - A&R Director

Benjamin Charlick

Marlene oversees the day-to-day operations of QCR, she manages artist relations, and keeps an eye on the big picture at all times. A musician herself, Marlene helped to dream QCR into existence, as one of the label’s original founders. She is the one and only full-time Queer Controller – that’s right, she is crazy enough to do this 24/7. Why, you say? Because there is someone else out there who is just as crazy and loves QCR just as much that they are willing to sport a QCR shirt in the Bible Belt… God Bless the Queers! Can’t live without QCR in your life? Marlene’s to blame, and she’s damn proud of it. The resident "Van Wilder," Benjamin (fondly known as "Skip") is a serial degree collector that keeps his nose in the books and fingers on the pulse of academia. He is an actively barred attorney in Maryland, where he works for the Maryland State Judiciary. He spends his extra time collaborating with Marlene to make sure that the business and behind-the-scenes operations of QCR are running smoothly. Skip also helps to manage and cultivate a high performing staff and roster of interns and positive artist relationships. He is always on the hunt for new talent to bring into the QCR fold. Skip, being one of the original founders of QCR with Marlene, is in continuous communication with her to continue building on program development, managing staff/inters/bands, marketing, research, and helping QCR to grow and flourish